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Vance (right) with musician Ellis Paul in Houston, Texas

Vance Gilbert (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American folk singer/songwriter. He started as a jazz singer, switched to folk music, became a regular on the open mike circuit in Boston and toured with Shawn Colvin. He has recorded eight albums, including Side of the Road, three of them on Philo/Rounder Records.


  • Here I'm Waiting (1985)
  • Edgewise (1994)
  • Fugitives (1995)
  • Shaking Off Gravity (1998)
  • Somerville Live (2000)
  • One Thru Fourteen (2002)
  • Side of the Road (with Ellis Paul) (2003)
  • Unfamiliar Moon (2005)
  • Angels, Castles, Covers (2006)
  • Up On Rockfield (2008)
  • Old White Men (2011)
  • BaD Dog Buffet (2014)
  • Nearness of You (2015)


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