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Vance International Airlines was an American supplemental and air-taxi airline that started operations in 1949.

Foundation and early operations[edit]

Vance was headquartered at Boeing Field (officially King County Airport) in Seattle, Washington.[1] Its founder and president was Vance B. Roberts.[2] In 1962 the US Civil Aeronautics Board granted interim authority to Vance International Airways as an air taxi operator and supplemental carrier within the continental United States of America . As of April 1967 the company's fleet was itemized as one Douglas DC-3 (N57131),[3] one Douglas DC-7, and one Curtiss C-46, with two DC-7s on order.

Later history[edit]

Vance International Airways Douglas DC-7B at Long Beach Airport California in 1971

In 1968 the company had received permanent operating authority.[4] In 1969 the company's fleet was still listed as one DC-3, one DC-7 and one C-46.

In 1969 the company received authority to operate flights to Mexico and Canada.[5]

McCulloch International Airlines[edit]

In 1970 Vance was purchased by McCulloch Oil Company.[6] The McCulloch group issued $30 million in convertible subordinated debentures, in order to finance this acquisition.[7] At that time the airline company's name was changed to McCulloch International Airlines,[8] and its main function was to fly potential land purchasers to the McCulloch properties at Lake Havasu City, Arizona. McCulloch International operated a fleet of Lockheed L-188 Electra turboprops as well as several Douglas DC-8 jetliners[9] and previously operated a Lockheed Constellation propliner which was named "Lake Havasu City". The airline was based at the Long Beach Airport in California.


Vance International Airways fleet in 1970 [1]
Aircraft Total Orders Notes
Douglas DC-3 1 0
Douglas DC-7 2 0
Total 3 0

McCulloch International Airlines operated a Lockheed Constellation propliner, Lockheed L-188 Electra turboprops and Douglas DC-8 jetliners.


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