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The Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver is a for-profit art college located in downtown Vancouver. The college offers diploma programs in fields such as graphic design, interior design, game design, mobile game development, 3D modeling animation, fashion design and marketing and merchandising for fashion.

VCAD Programs[edit]

Graphic Design The Graphic Design program includes courses in drawing, digital photography, Adobe PhotoShop, typography, and publication design.[1]

Marketing and Merchandising For The Marketing and Merchandising for Film and Fine Arts products includes courses in promotion, illustration, and product development.[1]

3D Modeling Animation Art and Design The 3D Modeling and Animation Art and Design program includes courses in life drawing, story boarding, 3D animation, character modeling, and layout and design.[1]

Fashion Design The Fashion Design program includes courses in fashion illustration, fashion history, garment construction, colour and design.[1]

Interior Design The interior design program includes courses in AutoCAD, space planning, illustration, materials and fabrics, and building codes.[1]

Game Development and Design The game development and design program includes courses in Adobe PhotoShop, Maya, character modeling, game conceptualization, animation, lighting and texturing, and interface design.[1]

Mobile Game Design and Development The mobile game design and development program includes courses in Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, digital drawing, scripting and coding, mobile game design, and dynamic media tools and technology.[1]

Accreditation Information[edit]

VCAD is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutes Agency (PCTIA) of BC.[2] The Agency is given its authority by the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, under the Private Career Training Institutions Act.


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