Vancouver Folk Music Festival

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Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Genre folk, world, singer-songwriter, bluegrass, hip hop
Dates third weekend of July
Location(s) Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Years active 1978–present

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival (VFMF), founded in 1978, is an outdoor multistage music festival, located at Jericho Beach Park on the west side of Vancouver, British Columbia. It takes place annually, on the third weekend of July.


It has attracted artists from all over the world and from all walks of life, including Adam Cohen, Ani Difranco, Utah Phillips, Ricky Pinball, Tuvan Throat singers, Sarah Harmer, Veda Hille, Feist, K'naan, and Ferron, among many others. In addition to folk music, the festival features bluegrass, world, blues, Celtic, Americana, soul, rock and pop music.

The VFMF is produced with the help of over 1,500 volunteers each year, and attracts an audience of over 38,000 over three days.

2016 Lineup[edit]

The 39th annual festival was held July 15–17, 2016.

2015 Lineup[edit]

The 38th annual festival was held July 17–19, 2015.

2014 Lineup[edit]

The 37th annual festival was held July 18–20, 2014.

2013 Lineup[edit]

The 36th annual festival was held July 19–21, 2013.

2012 Lineup[edit]

The 35th annual festival was held July 13–15, 2012.

2011 Lineup[edit]

The 34th annual festival was held July 15–17, 2011.

2010 Lineup[edit]

The 33rd annual festival was held July 16–18, 2010. Artists included:

2009 Lineup[edit]

The 32nd annual festival was held on July 17–19, 2009.

2008 Lineup[edit]

The 31st annual festival was held from July 18–20, 2008. Artists included:

2007 Lineup[edit]

The 30th annual festival was held from July 13–15, 2007.

2006 Lineup[edit]

The 29th annual VFMF was held from July 14–16, 2006.


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