Vandal (record producer)

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Origin Forest of Dean, UK
Genres techno, dance, alternative, breakbeat, electro house
Years active 2000 – present
Labels Benefit Recordings
Plastic Raygun
Associated acts Captain Magic
Rioter No. 1

Vandal is a Techno, Breakbeat and Electronica producer from Sheffield, England. He is currently recording for Meat Katie's LOT49 record label.


Vandal's first vinyl release was in 2000 through big beat label Plastic Raygun, Vandal went on to release three more singles and five remixes via Plastic Raygun before moving to Meat Katie's LOT49 record label in 2005. Vandal released the album 'Tonight We Riot' through LOT49 in 2010. Although Vandal had been releasing singles for a decade 'Tonight We Riot' was his debut long player, featuring collaborations with Ryan Shuck from the American band Julien-K amongst others.



  • Delivering The Goods (2001) [Plastic Raygun]
  • The Seeker (2003) [Plastic Raygun]
  • Bodywave / Ronin (2004) [Plastic Raygun]
  • Mad As Hell (2005) [LOT49]
  • Obey (2006) [LOT49]
  • Idiots (2007) [LOT49]
  • Body Shock (2007) [LOT49]
  • Captain Magic (2008) [LOT49]
  • Fugazi (2009) [Kilowatt]
  • Big Dog (2009) [Benefit Recordings]
  • Thrasher EP [LOT49]
  • Life [LOT49]


  • Tonight We Riot [LOT49]

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