Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant

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Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant
Central nuclear de Vandellós-Flickr-nirvanis-233233876.jpg
Country Spain
Coordinates 40°57′5″N 0°52′0″E / 40.95139°N 0.86667°E / 40.95139; 0.86667Coordinates: 40°57′5″N 0°52′0″E / 40.95139°N 0.86667°E / 40.95139; 0.86667
Construction began 1967
Commission date August 2, 1972
Owner(s) Endesa (72%)
Operator(s) ANAV
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 1087 MW
Units decommissioned 1 x 500 MW
Annual output 7,023 GWh

The Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in Vandellòs located close to the Coll de Balaguer pass (Baix Camp comarca) in Catalonia, Spain.

Unit one was a 508 MWe carbon dioxide gas cooled reactor modeled on the UNGG reactor at the Saint Laurent Nuclear Power Plant in France. It was shut down on July 31, 1990, following a fire in one of its two turbogenerators in October 1989. Important nuclear safety functions in the plant were impaired by the fire, and the event was later classified as a level 3 event in the International Nuclear Event Scale.

Unit two is a 1087 MWe PWR. The station's owners are: 72% Endesa and 28% Iberdrola.

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