Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 8

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Space Launch Complex 8
Minotaur 1 with Streak (23 Sep. 2005).jpg
A Minotaur rocket launches Streak from SLC-8.
Launch site Vandenberg AFB
Previously California Spaceport
Location 34.5762°N
Short name SLC-8
Operator Harris Corp
US Air Force
Previously California Spaceport
Launch pad(s) 1
Min / max
orbital inclination
51° – 145°
Launch history
Status Active
Launches 9
First launch 27 January 2000
Last launch 11 August 2011
Associated rockets Minotaur I (current)
Minotaur IV (current)
Athena I (proposed)
Athena II (proposed)

Space Launch Complex 8 (SLC-8), is a launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, United States. It is used by Minotaur rockets. It was originally part of the California Spaceport, and was known as the Commercial Launch Facility (CLF) or Space Launch Facility (SLF).

As of August 2011, nine rockets; six Minotaur I and three Minotaur IV, have been launched from SLC-8.


Coordinates: 34°34′34″N 120°37′57″W / 34.5762°N 120.6324°W / 34.5762; -120.6324