Vandervelde metro station

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MetroBrussel Vandervelde.jpg
Coordinates 50°50′51″N 4°26′54″E / 50.84750°N 4.44833°E / 50.84750; 4.44833Coordinates: 50°50′51″N 4°26′54″E / 50.84750°N 4.44833°E / 50.84750; 4.44833
Owned by STIB/MIVB
Opened 1982
Preceding station   Brussels Metro   Following station
Line 1

Vandervelde is a Brussels Metro station on line 1 (formerly the eastern branch of line 1B). It is named after the avenue it serves (Avenue Emile Vandervelde / Émile Vanderveldelaan) in the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert / Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe and was opened on 7 May 1982.

The murals in the metro station are by the Belgian artist Paul De Gobert.