Vanessa Arteaga

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Vanessa Arteaga
Status Active (half-time)
Hometown Modesto, California
Nationality American
League Championship Gaming Series
Games Dead or Alive 4
Career prize money ~$20,000.00
Professional career
2007–2008 San Francisco Optx

Vanessa Arteaga, also known as just Vanessa, is a former professional video game player who plays fighting games. She is from Modesto, California. Arteaga was the first pick in the draft of the Championship Gaming Series video game league list of players,[1] excelling in the area of fighting games[2] such as Dead or Alive 4.[3] In the 2007 Championship Gaming Series Season, Vanessa went undefeated leading San Francisco to win first place in the DoA4 Female Individual season.[4] In the 2008 Championship Gaming Series Season, San Francisco Optx with a team of NinjaCW and Vanessa Arteaga finished 2nd to the Birmingham Salvo.[5]

After her time in the Championship Gaming Series, Vanessa became a member of Kat Gunn's professional gaming and cosplay team,[6] Less Than 3 (LT3). The team was sponsored by Mad Catz.[7]

Vanessa also appeared on the reality television gaming competition WCG Ultimate Gamer.


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