Vanessa Lann

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Vanessa Lann
Born (1968-04-06) April 6, 1968 (age 49)[1]
Brooklyn, NY, USA[2]
Nationality American
Education Tanglewood Institute
Royal Conservatory of The Hague
Alma mater Harvard University
Summa Cum Laude 1990[3]
Occupation Composer, pianist
Years active 20+ years
Employer Webster University[3]
Style Contemporary classical
Awards John Knowles Paine Award[1][4]
Bohemians Prize,[3]
Hugh F. MacColl Prize[3]
Website Official website

Vanessa Lann is an American composer living in the Netherlands.[5][6] She is known for contemporary compositions for underutilized instruments such as the clarinet,[7] bassoon[8][9] and toy piano.[10] Her compositions have been broadcast on radio,[11] recorded on compact discs,[7] and performed in music festivals in Europe and North America. She has written numerous types of compositions, including concertos and operas.[12] In 1990, she was musical director at the American Repertory Theater.[13] Reviewer David Toub described her music as "expertly performed".[14] New York Times music reviewer Allan Kozinn described her composition Is a Bell ... a Bell? as a "propulsively rhythmic score" which was charming with its use of two toy pianos to bring out "different timbral qualities."[10] Music reviewer Jed Distler described her compositions as "gracious keyboard writing and humor."[15] Dutch music critic for the prominent daily newspaper de Volkskrant, Frits van der Waa, has reviewed her music on numerous occasions. He described her half-hour opera The Silence of Saar in 2013 as an "endless series of mind-numbing variations,"[16] he described her music in 2005 as "intense but sweet juicy tension,"[17] and her composition for the Delft Chamber Music Festival in 2007 as "beautiful."[18]

Selected compositions[edit]

  • Moonshadow Sunshadow[19]
  • Lullabye for a young girl dreaming[20]
  • Oh Whispering Sun[21]
  • The Silence of Saar[16]


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