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Vanessa Renwick (born 1961, Chicago, Illinois) is an American artist and filmmaker living in Portland, Oregon. Since 1981, she has been working in experimental and documentary forms—writing, producing films, videos, photography, sculpture and installations. In 1996, she started her own production company, called The Oregon Department of Kick Ass. Renwick's art reflects an interest in place, landscape use and transformation, as well as relationships between bodies and landscapes.

She has created over fifty works that have been shown internationally at sites such as The Centre Pompidou,[1] Museum of Modern Art, The Kitchen, International Film Festival Rotterdam,[2] The Viennale, and The Andy Warhol Museum. In 2009, with Brian Borrello, she created People's Bike Library of Portland (also known as Zoobomb Pyle) part of the City of Portland and Multnomah County Public Art Collection. In 2013, a 2-day retrospective of her work, "Raw, Raucous and Sublime: 33 ½ Years of Vanessa Renwick" was presented by Oregon Movies, A to Z at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon.[3]

She is the recipient of numerous grants, including most recently, the Bonnie Bronson Fellowship (2014).[citation needed]


Renwick has been honored with several film festival awards, including:

  • "The DIY of All-Time Award", The Judges Award from the Northwest Filmmakers' Festival from Mike Plante (2013)[4]
  • The Jim Demulling Speak Out Award for Best Social Awareness Documentary at the Humboldt Film Festival (2007)
  • The Judges Award at the Northwest Film and Video Festival from Michael Almereyda (2005)[5]
  • The Gus Van Sant Award for Best Experimental Film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival (2005)[6]
  • The Judges Award at the Northwest Film and Video Festival from James Benning (2003)
  • First place in the Peripheral Produce World Championship Invitationals (2001)
  • Best Documentary Video at Microcinefest in Baltimore (2002)

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