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Vanessa Shih
Vanessa Shih.jpg
ROC Representative to Austria
Assumed office
January 2016
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China
In office
25 June 2012 – 18 January 2016
Minister David Lin
Deputy Simon Ko, Joseph Shih
Simon Ko, Andrew Kao
Succeeded by Lee Chen-jan
ROC Representative to Singapore
In office
2009 – May 2012
Preceded by Kuo Shih-nan[1]
Succeeded by Hsieh Fa-dah
Minister of Government Information Office of the Republic of China
In office
20 May 2008 – 31 December 2008
Preceded by Hsieh Chih-wei
Succeeded by Su Jun-pin
ROC Deputy Representative to Australia
In office
Personal details
Born (1962-07-27) 27 July 1962 (age 55)
Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality Republic of China
Political party Kuomintang
Alma mater National Chengchi University

Vanessa Shih (Chinese: 史亞平; pinyin: Shǐ Yàpíng) is the representative of Republic of China to Austria.

She was the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Shih advocated for the United Nations to allow the Republic of China to have participation of some forms within the UN.[2]


Shih obtained her bachelor's degree in diplomacy and master's degree in international law and diplomacy from National Chengchi University.

Early career[edit]

Shih began working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1987, and was a longtime secretary for Ting Mao-shih.[3] She was appointed as the head of the Government Information Office (GIO) in May 2008 and left at the end of the year for Singapore.[4]

ROC Representative to Singapore[edit]

2011 National Day of the Republic of China[edit]

In October 2011, Shih angered Singapore's founding father Lee Kwan Yew and other high-ranking officials in the Singaporean government after she sang the ROC national anthem and hung the ROC flag in public, attended by international guests during the 100th anniversary of the National Day of the Republic of China at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.[5] She also attempted to contact members of the Workers' Party of Singapore, the opposition party of Singapore.[6] Her improper conduct resulted in the temporary diplomatic shutdown between Singapore and Taiwan.[7] In March 2012, Foreign Minister Timothy Yang ordered Shih to return to Taiwan.[8]

ROC Foreign Affairs vice ministry[edit]

On 6 July 2012, Shih was sworn in as vice foreign minister, and became the youngest diplomat to ever hold the post.[9]

2013 Papal inauguration[edit]

Shih, along with ROC President Ma Ying-jeou, First Lady Christine Chow Ma, National Security Council Secretary-General Jason Yuan and President of Fu Jen Catholic University Vincent Chiang visited Vatican City on 19 March 2013 to attend the inauguration of the newly elected Pope Francis as the head of Catholic Church.[10][11]

Before the visit, Shih said that this Vatican City trip by high ranking ROC officials were made without any contact with the Chinese mainland government. According to Shih, the ROC government was invited by the Holy See because both governments share the same views on religious freedom, social justice and humanitarianism.[12]

APEC China 2014[edit]

In end of September 2014, commenting on the invitation given to President Ma Ying-jeou as The Honorable Mr. Ma Ying-jeou and Economic Leader of Chinese Taipei for the upcoming APEC China 2014 in Beijing on 10–11 November 2014, Shih said that the nation had not been downgraded such title because APEC economic leaders' meeting participants are taking parts in their capacity of their countries' economic leaders. She said that the invitation was received at Taipei Guest House by Mainland Affairs Council Minister Wang Yu-chi and other council and ministry officials responsible for handling APEC-related affairs.[13]

ROC Representative to Austria[edit]

Shih was named the ROC Representative to Austria in January 2016.[14]


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