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Vangaindrano [vaŋɡeɳˈɖʐanʷ] is a city (commune urbaine) in Atsimo-Atsinanana Region, Madagascar.

The city is near the mouth of the Mananara River at the southern part of the east coast. It's connected to the north by national road RN 12 top Farafangana that is situated at a distance of 75 km in the North. The road continues south but that section cannot be used by ordinary vehicles, due to its bad condition and lack of bridges.

The Midongy du sud National Park is situated at 90 km from Vangaindrano and the Manombo Reserve, halfway to Farafangana

Coordinates: 23°21′S 47°36′E / 23.350°S 47.600°E / -23.350; 47.600