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Vangede Bygade

Vangede is a suburb 8 km northwest of central Copenhagen, Denmark. This area is primarily made up of one and two family houses and two and three story apartment buildings.


The first known references to the village is from 1346 when it is referred to as Wangwethæ.[1]


Munkegård School was completed in 1953 to a design by Arne Jacobsen. Vangede Church is from 1974 and was designed by Johan Otto von Spreckelsen, who would later also design the Grande Arche in Paris.


Vangede has two S-train-stations, Vangede and Dyssegård, both located on the Farum radial. Vangede is served by both the A and H trains while Dyssegård is only served by A trains.

Cultural references[edit]

The author Dan Turèll grew up in the neighbourhood and has portrayed it in his book Vangede billeder.

Nymose Huse in Vangede where the writer Dan Turell lived for most of his life

Notable people[edit]


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Coordinates: 55°45′N 12°32′E / 55.750°N 12.533°E / 55.750; 12.533