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Øye i Vang.JPG
Location Vang, Oppland, Norway
Coordinates 61°09′46″N 08°26′30″E / 61.16278°N 8.44167°E / 61.16278; 8.44167Coordinates: 61°09′46″N 08°26′30″E / 61.16278°N 8.44167°E / 61.16278; 8.44167
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 18.25 km2 (7.05 sq mi)
Shore length1 43.47 km (27.01 mi)
Surface elevation 466 m (1,529 ft)
References NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Vangsmjøse (Vangsmjøsa or Vangsmjøsi) is a lake in Vang municipality in Oppland county, Norway. It has an area of 18.25 km² and is about 154 m deep according to NVE. A local myth says that if you lower a raw ham in the deepest part of Vangsmjøse, it will be boiled when you pull it up again. It is at an elevation of 466 m above sea level. The shoreline is 43.47 km around.

Øye stave church (Øye stavkyrkje) is situated in Øye, a village at the west end of Vangsmjøse. The scenic European route E16 runs through Øye and along the south shore of Vangsmjøse.

Other view of Vangsmjøse

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