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Of an older production company, see Vanguard Productions.
Vanguard Films & Animation
Industry CGI animation
Founded 2002; 14 years ago (2002)
Founder John H. Williams
Neil Braun
Headquarters West Hollywood, California, USA
Number of locations
Key people
John H. Williams (CEO)
Gary Chapman (Head of Prod.)
Number of employees

Vanguard Films & Animation, often named only as Vanguard Animation, is an American production studio founded in 2002 by producer John H. Williams and Neil Braun.[1] The studio has offices in British Columbia, Canada and Ealing Studios in London, England, United Kingdom. Starz Media owns the studio's minority stake.


The studio was founded in 2002 by John H. Williams.[1] For its launch, it signed with Disney a four-picture deal to produce sub-$40 million computer-animated films.[2][3] Following year, Vanguard sold a minority stake to IDT Corporation and partnered with its animation unit, Digital Production Solutions, to co-produce and co-own all Vanguard's properties,[1][4] including Valiant (2005), the first project produced for Disney.[2]


Feature films[edit]

Released films

# Title Release date Budget Gross RT MC
1 Valiant August 19, 2005 $35,000,000 $61,746,888 31% 45%
2 Happily N'Ever After January 5, 2007 $47,000,000 $38,085,778 4% 28%
3 Space Chimps July 18, 2008 $37,000,000 $64,834,964 34% 36%
4 Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back May 28, 2010 N/A $4,124,518 0% N/A
5 Get Squirrely 2015 N/A N/A N/A N/A

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