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Vanity Fair may refer to:

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  • Vanity Fair, a one-hour adaptation featuring Helen Hayes and Agnes Moorehead first broadcast on 7 January 1940 on Campbell Playhouse
  • Vanity Fair, a half-hour adaptation with Joan Lorring as Becky Sharp first broadcast 6 December 1947 on Favorite Story
  • Vanity Fair, a 1978 BBC Radio 4 ten-part serial with Sarah Badel as Becky, Timothy West as Joseph Sedley and Alec McCowen as William Thackeray
  • Vanity Fair, a 2004 BBC Radio broadcast adaptation by Stephen Wyatt, starring Emma Fielding as Becky
  • Vanity Fair, a 2019 BBC Radio 4 three-part adaptation by Jim Poyser with additional material by Al Murray


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