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Vanness Wu
Wu at the Joyful Family Music Event in 2012
Other namesVan Ness Wu
EducationCorona del Mar High School
  • Singer
  • actor
  • dancer
  • director
  • producer
  • model
  • songwriter
  • spokesperson
Years active2000–present
Arissa Cheo
(m. 2013; div. 2018)
Parent(s)Mimi Yang (mother)
Musical career
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
WebsiteVanness Wu on Facebook

Vanness Wu (simplified Chinese: 吴建豪; traditional Chinese: 吳建豪; pinyin: Wú Jiànháo) is an American actor, entertainer, singer, director, and producer. He is a member of the Taiwanese boyband F4 and the Korean Mandopop duo Kangta & Vanness.

Early life[edit]

Wu was born in Santa Monica, California. He learned to breakdance as a teenager and competed in numerous dance competitions throughout the 90s.[1]


Early career with F4[edit]

Wu at the MTV Asia Aid in 2005.

Wu starred as Mei Zuo (美作), one of the F4 members, in the Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden and its sequel, Meteor Garden II. At the conclusion of the series, they continued to perform together and released three studio albums as the boy band F4. In 2002, Wu became the second F4 member, after Vic Chou, to release his debut solo album, Body Will Sing. The track, "I Hate Myself" is listed at number 95 on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart for 2002.[2] The album was awarded as one of the "Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year" at the 2002 IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Awards, presented by the Hong Kong branch of IFPI.[3]

In 2003, he was featured on Beyoncé's single "Crazy in Love", featured on her album Dangerously in Love.

In 2004, Wu made his film debut in the Hong Kong film Star Runner and was nominated at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Newcomer.

In 2006, he collaborated with Korean singer Kangta, forming Kangta & Vanness. The duo released the album Scandal.

In 2008, Wu was announced as the opening act and special guest for Kanye West's "Glow in the Dark" concert in Shanghai. They performed the hit song “Good Life”[4]

Solo career success and acting career[edit]

Wu has appeared in several Taiwanese dramas as well as motion pictures. In 2009, he starred as Ren Guang Xi in Autumn's Concerto, one of the highest-rated Taiwanese idol drama. He also released his first Japanese single "Only", which entered Top 10 of the Oricon Chart, as well as another single "I Don't Wanna Lose You".

In 2010, Wu became the executive producer for the television series Year of the Rain.

Wu's third Chinese solo album C'est La V was released July 2011 under Universal Music Taiwan. It features collaborations with international artistes such as Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic, as well as Bruno Mars and Justin Michael who wrote the track "Knockin".

Besides directing, producing, acting, and singing, Wu is also the creator/designer of his own jewelry line 3.V.O.7. He is also the creative director of Reebok (greater China division).

In 2012, Wu won the "Best Crossover Singer" at the 16th Chinese Global Music Charts.

In 2013, Wu joined Jiangsu TV's diving variety show Stars in Danger: The High Dive, and won the silver medal.

In January 2015, Wu was announced to be one of the judges of the talent show Asia's Got Talent, along with Indonesian-French singer Anggun, Canadian musician David Foster, and former Spice Girls member Melanie C, which aired from March to May on AXN Asia.[5]

In July 2015, Wu returned to the Philippines after a decade of his first visit for the special show for the #LiveinLevis event sponsored by Levi's in line with the launch of the Women's Denim Collection for Fall 2015. Wu's performance was a way of thanking the brand's fans and style seekers.[6][7]

In 2016, it was announced that Wu would star in his first Chinese television series The Princess Weiyoung alongside Tiffany Tang, playing the 5th century prince and then Emperor Tuoba Yu of the Northern Wei Dynasty. He was also in the science fiction film Pili Back. In the same year, he participated with his sister Melody in the third season of The Amazing Race China, based on CBS's reality program of the same name, where they were eliminated on the ninth leg and finished 4th.

In 2019. he starred in Ip Man 4: The Finale alongside Donnie Yen where he played Hartman Wu, a U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and Bruce Lee's student.

Personal life[edit]

On November 15, 2013, Wu married his longtime girlfriend, Singaporean heiress and entrepreneur Arissa Cheo, in Los Angeles. On June 20, 2018, they both decided to get a divorce after 5 years of marriage.

His mother and sister own a skincare business in Los Angeles, called Vivid Health & Beauty.

He is a devout Christian and often talks about his faith on social media.



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2001 Meteor Garden 流星花園 Mei Zuo live-action adaptation of Japanese manga, Boys Over Flowers
Meteor Rain 流星雨 Mei Zuo Mei Zuo's Chapter
Peach Girl 蜜桃女孩 Ah Li live-action adaptation of Japanese manga Peach Girl
2002 Meteor Garden II 流星花園2 Mei Zuo
Come to My Place 來我家吧 JJ live-action adaptation of Japanese manga Uchi ni Oideyo by Hidenori Hara
2004 Say Yes Enterprise 求婚事務所 Song Zhenkai Story 01: Cinderella
2008 Wish to See You Again 這裡發現愛 Leo
2009 Autumn's Concerto 下一站,幸福 Ren Guang Xi
2010 Year of the Rain 那年,雨不停國 Ah Huang's cousin Guest star/Executive producer
2011 Material Queen 拜金女王 Cai Jiahao
2012 Ti Amo Chocolate 愛上巧克力 Fang Jiahua
2013 Stars in Danger: The High Dive 星跳水立方 Himself Diving variety show. Qualified into finals
2015 Asia's Got Talent Himself Judge (Season 1)
2016 The Amazing Race China 3 极速前进第三季 Himself With sister Melody
The Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央 Tuoba Yu [8]
2018 Love Won't Wait 如果,爱 Song Qiaozhi [9]
2019 Street Dance of China 就是街舞 Himself Judge (Season 2)


Year Title Alternate Role Notes
2003 Star Runner 少年阿虎
The Kumite (Canada, USA)
Bond Cheung (Zheng Jianbang) Film debut.
Nominated: Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Newcomer.
2005 Dragon Squad 猛龍
Dragon Heat (USA)
Wang Sun-ho
2006 Cars 汽車總動員 Lightning McQueen Voice-acting, Taiwanese version only.
2007 Kung Fu Fighter 功夫無敵 Ma Li
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 三國之見龍卸甲 Guan Xing
2009 LaMB Dr. Jack Griswold English voice-acting.
Kung Fu Chefs 功夫廚神 Long Jianyi
2010 The Haunting Lover 借室還魂 Liang Guang
1040 Movie Himself Exclusive interview.
2011 The Road Less Traveled 樂之路 Mike Produced by Smash and Grab (co-founded by Vanness).
2012 Baseballove 球愛天空 Lin Chenghui
2013 Machi Action 變身 Cameo appearance.
2014 Girls 閨蜜 Sky (Jiu Tian)
2015 Dragon Blade 天將雄獅 Cameo appearance.
Monk Comes Down the Mountain 道士下山 Cui Daorong
2016 Lulu The Movie 露露的电影 Himself Exclusive interview.
2017 A-Choo 打噴嚏 Alternative title: My Lover is a Superman (我的情敌是超人).
Pili Back 霹雳再现
2019 Undercover Punch and Gun Hou Wu
Ip Man 4 葉問4 Hartman Wu

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Studio album[edit]

Album# Title Track List Notes
1st Body Will Sing (身體會唱歌)
  1. 序曲
  2. 尋找茱麗葉
  3. My Friend
  4. 我討厭我自己
  5. 身體會唱歌
  6. 寂寞廣場
  7. Sick
  8. 想像十個你
  9. 那個女生
  10. 午夜場的電影
  11. 因為太愛你)
  12. Can't Help Falling in Love (by F4)
"CD + CD Extra" version also featured "Ask for More" by F4
2nd V.DUBB
  1. 我的王國
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. 放手
  4. Just One Dance
  5. Friday Night
  6. 幻想這愛
  7. 零時差
  8. 媽媽
  9. 如果
  10. Eternity
  11. 幻想這愛 (中文混音版) [Remix Version]
Japanese release featured a Japanese version of "Wanna Love Somebody" as Track 11, plus a Japanese version of "Wanna Love Somebody (Justin Michael Remix)" as Track 12
3rd In Between (New + Best Selection)
  1. 我不是自己
  2. Lucky Me
  3. 自己的節奏
  4. 我討厭我自己
  5. 午夜場的電影
  6. 零時差
  7. 尋找茱麗葉
  8. 我的王國
  9. 放手
  10. 想像十個你
  11. Never Let You Go
  12. Listen to Your Heart
  13. 誰讓妳流淚
  14. 因為太愛你
  15. 媽媽
4th Reflections
  • Released February 3, 2010
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Studio album (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. Hyper Car
  2. Kodoku
  3. Stuck on U
  4. Reason
  5. Purple Rain
  6. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  7. Only
  8. Super Model (English)
  9. Sail Away (English)
  10. Devil (English)
First Japanese album
5th V
  • Released April 27, 2011
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Studio album (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. Break Out!
  2. Mission
  3. Why
  4. No More Tears
  5. Soldier
  6. Better
  7. Shine On (Plasmo` Electric Mix)
  8. Love Will Come
Second Japanese album

Better was written by Bruno Mars

6th C'est La V
  1. Intro
  2. 說愛就愛
  3. Is This All feat. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
  4. Do it feat. 仔仔
  5. 命定
  6. 有你在
  7. 只要她快樂
  8. 愛的手榴彈
  9. 愛沒走
  10. 哎呀
  11. 透明愛
  12. Knockin'
Knockin' was written and produced by Bruno Mars

有你在 was featured in TV Drama "Material Queen" Is This All was written and composed by Ryan Tedder, and was also the theme song from TV Drama "Material Queen".

7th Different Man
  1. V.A.N.N.E.S.S (Intro)
  2. 趁愛打劫
  3. 愛裡面 (feat.Enik Lin)
  4. Different Man
  5. Love Overtime
  6. 讓我更愛我
  7. 真的明白
  8. 你怎麼知道
  9. 改裝 (feat.Flowsik)
  10. LOV3
  11. 小婚禮
  12. V.A.N.N.E.S.S (Outro)

Love Overtime is a tribute to Michael Jackson and Prince

8th #MWHYB
  1. #MWHYB: The Beginning
  3. IKYK (feat. 孟佳 Meng Jia)
  5. 屬於你和我之間的事
  6. 蹦蹦
  7. 玻璃屋
  8. 下一首情歌
  9. 愛是你愛是我
  10. Westside (feat. brandUN)
  11. #MWHYB
9th Vanness Best
  1. 尋找茱麗葉
  2. 我討厭我自己
  3. Hip Hop Tonight (feat. 吳建豪) (by Coco Lee)
  4. 午夜場的電影
  5. 因為太愛你
  6. My Friend
  7. 我的王國
  8. Never Let You Go
  9. 幻想這愛
  10. 零時差
  11. Lucky Me
  12. Listen to Your Heart
  13. 媽媽
  14. 自己的節奏
  15. 誰讓妳流淚
  16. 妳不愛我愛誰
  17. Ask for More (by F4)
10th Take a Ride
  • Released July 22, 2022
  • Language: English
  • Label: Virgin Music Taiwan LAS S&D
  • Format: Studio album (CD) / Digital
  • Genre: Mandopop
  1. Take a Ride
  2. Mad Love
  3. Meaningless
  4. Chill
  5. Miss Us
  6. Here With Me
  7. Media (weights)
  8. Worship
  9. It's On
  10. Vibes


Single# Title Track List
1st Only
  • Released May 20, 2009
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Single (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. ONLY
  2. Cinderella
  3. Hello Super Star
  4. ONLY (Instrumental)
  5. Cinderella (Instrumental)
  6. Hello Super Star (Instrumental)
2nd I Don't Wanna Lose You
  • Released September 2, 2009
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Single (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  3. It's Your Girl
  4. I Don't Wanna Lose You (Instrumental)
  5. KODOKU (Instrumental)
  6. It's Your Girl (Instrumental)
3rd Reason
  • Released January 20, 2010
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Single (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. Reason
  2. Stuck on U
  3. Devil
  4. Reason (Instrumental)
  5. Stuck on U (Instrumental)
  6. Devil (Instrumental)
4th No More Tears
  • Released July 21, 2010
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Single (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. No More Tears
  2. That Girl
  3. Supafly
  4. No More Tears (Instrumental)
  5. That Girl (Instrumental)
  6. Supafly (Instrumental)
5th Soldier
  • Released September 21, 2010
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Single (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. Soldier
  2. Shine on
  3. Better
  4. Soldier (Instrumental)
  5. Shine on (Instrumental)
  6. Better (Instrumental)
6th Endless Dance
  • Released March 7, 2012
  • Language: Japanese
  • Label: Pony Canyon
  • Format: Single (CD)
  • Genre: J-pop
  1. Endless Dance
  2. Every Moment
  3. Destiny
  4. Endless Dance (Instrumental)
  5. Every Moment (Instrumental)
  6. Destiny (Instrumental)
7th Summertime Love - Single
  1. Summertime Love

With Kangta and Vanness[edit]

  • 2006 – Scandal – Kangta & Vanness Collaboration

Other collaborations[edit]


See also[edit]


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