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Societas Europaea
Industry Restaurants
Founded 2002
Headquarters Bonn, Germany
Key people
Gregor Gerlach (CEO)
Gregor Gerlach (head of the supervisory board)[1]
Products Pizza, pasta, salads
Revenue 385.9 million euros (2014)[1]

Vapiano is a German fast casual restaurant chain offering Italian food. Commonly referred to as Vapiano's the concept is a pizza and pasta bar, where food is made to order whilst customers wait in a queue. Vapiano's also serves made-to-order salads and dessert from different queues and has a bar with alcoholic beverages available from another queue. There are over 150 restaurants around the world, over 60 of which are located in Germany where the concept was implemented in 2002.

Vapiano restaurant in Vienna


Vapiano was founded by Kent Hahne, Gregor Gerlach, Klaus Rader and Mark Korzilius in 2002, the first restaurant opened in October 2002 in Hamburg.

In Australia[edit]

In Australia, Vapiano has one or more restaurants in each of the following cities:[2]

In the United Kingdom[edit]

In the United Kingdom, Vapiano has 3 restaurants in London. One in Great Portland Street, one in Southwark Street and another in Wardour Street

In the United States[edit]

In the United States, Vapiano has one or more restaurants in each of the following cities:[3]

Additional locations in New York City and Chicago as well as a new restaurant in Orlando, Florida are planned to be completed in 2013.[9]

In other countries[edit]

Besides in Germany, Vapiano has opened locations in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Turkey, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Romania, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, the UAE, Ukraine, Bahrain, Azerbaijan and recently opened in China, Kuwait.[2] and Chile.[10]

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