Vardanes II

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Vardanes II
Coin of Vardanes II, Seleucia mint.jpg
Tetradrachm of Vardanes II, Seleucia mint
Rival Parthian king
Reign55 – 58
PredecessorVologases I
SuccessorVologases I
DynastyArsacid dynasty
FatherVologases I

Vardanes II was the son of Vologases I and briefly ruler of parts of the Parthian Empire. In ancient records he only appears in Tacitus.[1] Otherwise he is only known from coins that are dated between 55 to 58 CE.[2] He rebelled against his father from about 55 to 58 CE and must have occupied Ecbatana, since he issued coins from the mint there, bearing the likeness of a young beardless king wearing a diadem with five pendants. Nothing more about him is known.[3]


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Vardanes II
Preceded by
Vologases I
Parthian king
Succeeded by
Vologases I