Varden Amfi

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Varden Amfi
Varden Amfi.jpg
Opened 1992

Varden Amfi is a football venue in Bergen, Norway. It is used by Løv-Ham who play in the Norwegian First Division and Fyllingen Fotball in the Second Division.[1]

It was originally opened in 1992,[1] but upgraded to the Norwegian First Division standard in 2008. Before the upgrade Løv-Ham played at Krohnsminde which did not meet the Football Association's requirements.[2] The upgrade, which was estimated to NOK 20–25 million, was fully financed by the local businessman Trond Mohn.[2]

The venue has an artificial turf.[2]


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Coordinates: 60°20′29.56″N 5°16′6.41″E / 60.3415444°N 5.2684472°E / 60.3415444; 5.2684472