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Not to be confused with Variation (disambiguation).

Variability is how spread out or closely clustered a set of data is.

Variability may refer to:

  • Climate variability, changes in the components of Earth's climate system and their interactions
  • Genetic variability, a measure of the tendency of individual genotypes in a population to vary from one another
  • Heart rate variability, a physiological phenomenon where the time interval between heart beats varies
  • Human variability, the range of possible values for any measurable characteristic, physical or mental, of human beings
  • Spatial variability, when a quantity that is measured at different spatial locations exhibits values that differ across the locations
  • Statistical variability, a measure of dispersion in statistics
  • Variability function, a component of Bernoulli stochastics, a mathematical model
  • Variability hypothesis, nineteenth century hypothesis that males have a greater range of ability than females

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