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Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée
AIDA International
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TypeSports Federation
HeadquartersGeneve, Switzerland
Region served
Official language
French, English
Alexandru Russu[1]

Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (AIDA) (English: International Association for the Development of Apnea) is a worldwide rule- and record-keeping body for competitive breath holding events, also known as freediving.[3] It sets standards for safety, comparability of Official World Record attempts and freedive education. AIDA International is the parent organization for national clubs of the same name.


AIDA was founded November 2, 1992 in Nice, France by Frenchmen Roland Specker, Loïc Leferme and Claude Chapuis, with Specker as its first President. The AIDA Competitions started to take form in 1993. National clubs begin to form over all Europe in 1994–1995. AIDA became AIDA International in 1999.

  • In 1999 Sébastien Nagel, of Switzerland, replaced Roland Specker as the President.
  • Bill Strömberg, of Sweden, replaced Sébastien Nagel as President in 2005.
  • Kimmo Lahtinen, of Finland, replaced Bill Strömberg as President in December 2009.
  • Carla Sue Hanson, of USA, replaced Kimmo Lahtinen as President in 2016.
  • Alexandru Russu, of Romania, replaced Carla Sue Hanson as President in 2020.

History of AIDA World Championships

Qualifications and certifications[edit]

AIDA has a star system for grading its freediving certifications:

Freedive certifications

  • AIDA 1 Star Freediver, 8m CWT, 1'15" STA, 25m DYN.
  • AIDA 2 Star Freediver, 16m CWT, 2' STA, 40m DYN.
  • AIDA 3 Star Freediver, 24m CWT, 2'45" STA, 55m DYN.
  • AIDA 4 Star Freediver, 32m CWT, 3'30" STA, 70m DYN.

Speciality certifications

  • Competition Safety Freediver.
  • Competition Freediver.
  • Deep Tank Freediver.
  • Monofin Freediver.

AIDA has 3 levels of Instructor qualifications and certifications:

Instructor certifications

  • AIDA Instructor, can teach up to 3 Star Freediver.
  • AIDA Master Instructor, can teach up to 4 Star Freediver.
  • AIDA Instructor Trainer, can teach all levels, and instructors.


AIDA recognized world records as of July 31, 2014

Sea Disciplines[edit]

Constant weight apnea (CWT)[edit]

Deep freediving using bifins or a monofin.[3]



Constant weight apnea without fins (CNF)[edit]

Deep freediving using swimming strokes only, no fins allowed.[3]



Free immersion apnea (FIM)[edit]

Deep freediving, allowing pulling along the vertical depth rope.[3]



Variable weight apnea (VWT)[edit]

Deep freediving using a weighted sled for descent, pulling along the depth rope for ascent.[3]


  • 146 m
  • Name: Stavros Kastrinakis  Greece
  • Date: 2015-01-11
  • Place: Kalamata, Greece


No limit apnea (NLT)[edit]

Unrestricted deep freediving, all propulsion means allowed, traditionally using a weighted sled for descent and inflatable balloon for ascent.[3]



Pool Disciplines[edit]

Static Apnea (STA)[edit]

Immovable breath hold for time.[3]



Dynamic apnea with fins (DYN)[edit]

Horizontal freediving for distance, using bifins or a monofin.[3]



Dynamic apnea without fins (DNF)[edit]

Horizontal freediving for distance, no fins allowed.[3]


  • 244 m
  • Name: Mateusz Malina  Poland
  • Date: 2016-07-02
  • Place: Turku, Finland


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