Varodaya Cinkaiariyan

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Cekaracacekaran III
King of Jaffna
Reign 1302–1325
Predecessor Vickrama Cinkaiariyan (Pararacacekaran II)
Successor Martanda Cinkaiariyan (Pararacacekaran III)
Died 1325 (1326)
Issue Martanda Cinkaiariyan (Pararacacekaran III)
Full name
Varodaya Cinkaiariyan
Tamil வரோதய சிங்கையாரியன்
House Aryacakravarti dynasty
Father Vickrama Cinkaiariyan (Pararacacekaran II)

Varodaya Cinkaiariyan (Tamil: வரோதய சிங்கையாரியன்) (died 1325) was the first of the Aryacakravarti kings of Jaffna Kingdom to take over the lucrative pearl fisheries that were in the hands of the Pandyan Empire. He is also credited as having helped the Pandyas in their last few years and invaded the southern Dambadeniya-based kingdoms. He increasingly took part in the burgeoning Indian Ocean-based commerce.[1]


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Preceded by
Vickrama Cinkaiariyan
Jaffna Kingdom
Succeeded by
Martanda Cinkaiariyan