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Varolii Corporation
Industry Software
Founded 1999
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, United States
Key people
David McCann, President & CEO

Varolii was a privately held software company that builds and hosts products that enable businesses to deliver automated communications (sometimes referred to as notifications) to its customers and employees over the phone, through text messaging, fax or email. Its headquarters were in Seattle, Washington.


In 1999, co-founders Ken Pawlak, Scott Sikora, and Michael Ho formed Seattle-based AlertOnline, which was later renamed PAR3 Communications.

In 2005, the company acquired emergency communications provider EnvoyWorldWide,[1] a leading provider of high availability business continuity notifications.[2]

In 2007, PAR3 Communications and EnvoyWorldWide combined to become Varolii.[3] The name "Varolii" is derived from the Pons Varolii. The Pons Varolii is the neural pathway that relays information between the part of your brain that controls motor skills with the part that reasons, remembers, improves, and learns.

2011, Varolii Announces Appointment of David McCann as President and Chief Executive Officer [4]

October 10, 2013 - Nuance to Acquire Varolii.[5]


Varolii provides on-demand software for:

  • Collections [6]
  • Customer Service [7]