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The Varrentrapp reaction, also named Varrentrapp degradation, is a name reaction in the organic chemistry. It is named after Franz Varrentrapp, who discovered this reaction in 1840. It is an organic reaction involving the chemical decomposition of an α,β-unsaturated acid into two other acid fragments by action of molten alkali.[1]

General Reaction Scheme[edit]

Because of the complex structure of this reaction it is shortened in the following scheme.

Übersichtsreaktion der Varrentrapp-Reaktion

The reaction conditions are harsh: medium molten potassium hydroxide at temperatures in the range of 250 to 300 °C. Likewise cinnamic acid is converted to benzoic acid.[2]

Reaction Mechanism[edit]

Below, the reaction mechanism is shown with (E)-4-hexenoic acid.[3]

Mechanismus der Varrentrapp-Reaktion

First, the hydroxyl reacts with the caustic potash 1. After two condensations a compound with two mesomers is build 3a and 3b. After another condensation a negative charged carbon-atom is generated 4. After a rearrangement the intermediate compound (5) is built. This reacts with a hydroxydion of the caustic potash 6. In the next step the molecule dissociates into two pieces 7 and 8. (8) is protonated and builds the acetic acid derivative (9). The second compound (7) reacts with a hydroxidion and a shortened carbonic acid is generated 10.


The reaction has been of some importance in structure elucidation of certain fatty acids but has no practical synthetic use.[4][5] The original 1840 Varrentrapp reaction concerned the conversion of oleic acid to palmitic acid, acetic acid and hydrogen gas:

The Varrentrap reaction


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