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Varsity, a term originally derived from university, may refer to:

In geography:

In sports:

  • Varsity team, the principal athletic teams representing a college or university, high school, or middle school
  • Varsity match, a sports fixture played between traditional rival universities, the oldest example being between St Andrews and Edinburgh with Oxford and Cambridge being fairly common.
  • Varsity (rowing regatta), the biggest student rowing regatta in the Netherlands
  • Varsity Blues, various varsity teams of the University of Toronto
  • Varsity letter, an award earned in the U.S., which signifies the winner was a qualified varsity-team member, after a certain standard was met
  • Varsity Rugby, four South African rugby union competitions involving the top rugby playing universities in the country

As the name of student newspapers:

As a restaurant name:

  • The Varsity, a drive-in restaurant and tourist attraction in Atlanta, Georgia
  • The Varsity (bar), a chain of bars across the United Kingdom with 40 outlets

In military history:

In music:

In transport:

Varsity may also refer to: