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The Varsity Boat Race is an annual event between the University of Birmingham Boat Club and the University of Warwick Boat Club. The event is staged on the River Severn in Worcester. 2006 saw the inaugural Varsity Boat Race between these rival West Midlands Universities. Ten races were held, with the University of Birmingham claiming overall victory by 7 races to 3.

The 2012 Varsity Boat Race[edit]

The Varsity Boat Race was held on 4 February at 13:00 at Worcester Boat Club on the River Severn. Weather conditions were especially challenging with the senior men's 8s racing through the snow There were 12 events held over 750 metres.

The events included eights, fours, pairs and single for men and women at both Novice and Senior level.

Points were allocated as follows:

Seniors: 8+ category: 25points 4+ Category: 15points 2- category: 10points 1x category: 10points

Novices: All events worth 15points


Men's Senior 1x - UoB Men's Senior 2- - UoB Men's Senior 4+ - UoW Men's Senior 8+ - UoW Women's Senior 4+ - UoB Women's Senior 8+ - UoB Nov Men's 4+ - UoB Nov Men's 8+ - UoB Nov Women's 4+ - UoB Nov Women's 8+ - UoB

Birmingham Win 120-40

History of the Varsity Boat Race[edit]

The 2006 Birmingham men's novice IV claim victory

2006 - Birmingham win 7 - 3 overall[edit]

  • Men's Senior VIII - UoB
  • Men's Senior IV - UoW
  • Men's Senior Single Scull - UoB
  • Men's Junior IV - UoW
  • Men's Novice VIII - UoB
  • Men's Novice IV - UoB
  • Women's Senior VIII - UoB
  • Women's Senior IV - UoB
  • Women's Junior IV - UoW
  • Women's Novice VIII - UoB

In addition, a race was staged between a University of Birmingham alumni crew and the Birmingham men's novice VIII, which was won by the latter.

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