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Varsity Derby League
League logo
Metro area Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Country Australia
Founded 2011
Teams DisHonour Rollers (Women) Rogue Scholars (Women) Capital Carnage (Men) Smackademics (Mixed)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Southern Cross Stadium, Tuggeranong

Varsity Derby League (formerly known as ANU Roller Derby) is a roller derby league based in the Australian Capital Territory. VDL is Canberra's only gender inclusive league, allowing both men and women to participate in the sport of roller derby.


In 2011, Canberran student roller derby enthusiasts worked on starting a new league, ANU Roller Derby League, as a student organisation at Australian National University.[1] In mid-2011 the league officially changed its name to 'Varsity Derby League' (VDL). In August 2011, VDL incorporated as an independent Association.[2]

VDL currently has two representative women's teams, the DisHonour Rollers (DHRs) and the Rogue Scholars.

In May 2013, VDL became the first Canberran roller derby league to train skaters of any gender as players.[3] In 2014, VDL established Canberra's first (and only) men's team, Capital Carnage. With the inclusion of men in the league, VDL has also formed a mixed-gender team, The Smackademics, to compete against other mixed teams in tournaments and friendly games.

In 2016, the DisHonour Rollers took top honours in the A-Division of the Eastern Region Roller Derby championships, while the Rogue Scholars brought home the trophy for the B-Division, thus marking the first time in the event's history for teams of the same league to take home the trophy in both Divisions.

In April 2017, VDL became a Mens Roller Derby Association (MRDA)-affiliated league and Capital Carnage competed in their first ever MRDA tournament, MRDA Down Under. Capital Carnage is keenly awaiting the quarterly MRDA ranking list to be released, where they anticipate being ranked somewhere around 45th in the world.


Varsity Derby League currently fields a total of four teams.

VDL's women's A representative team is the DisHonour Rollers and were the league's first representative team forming in 2011.[4]

VDL now has a second women's B team, The Rogue Scholars, formed in 2015.

The men's team, Capital Carnage, formed in 2014.

Varsity also has a mixed gender team, featuring players of all genders represented in the league, called the Smackademics, formed in 2015.

VDL previously had two (women's) home teams, The PhDemons, whose colours were purple and black, and the Cheerbleeders, who skated in red and gold. In 2013 the decision was made by the league to focus on the representative team and playing inter-league bouts.

Logos and Uniforms[edit]

All four Varsity Derby League teams have their own coloured uniform with the DisHonour Rollers skating in grey, The Rogue Scholars in green, Capital Carnage in pink and The Smackademics in purple. All four teams have a red uniform as their alternate strip.


Name Number Team
Blocktopussy 007 DisHonour Rollers and Smackademics
Jo Dirt 08 DisHonour Rollers and Smackademics (Vice-Captain)
Diazeslam 10 DisHonour Rollers
Jamme Slamister 15 Capital Carnage and Smackademics
Red Hot Jillie Pepper 23 DisHonour Rollers and Smackademics
K-Tality 310 Rogue Scholars (Captain)
Darth E Vader 333 Smackademics
Ginja Ail 375 DisHonour Rollers and Smackademics
Sylvia Psychoplath 393 DisHonour Rollers
The Cleaver 43 DisHonour Rollers (Captain)
TerrorSmackdal 666 DisHonour Rollers (Vice-Captain) and Smackademics
Spanky 18 DisHonour Rollers
Edu-Hater 182 DisHonour Rollers
Hot Mess 19 DisHonour Rollers
Bobby Smack 44 Capital Carnage
Thuggernaut 04 Capital Carnage and Smackademics
Astroboyd 643 Capital Carnage and Smackademics (Captain)
N-Igma 934 Capital Carnage and Smackademics
Leo Slayer 61 Capital Carnage and Smackademics
Cliff Hanger 1101 Capital Carnage
Ewrectile Destruction 2 Capital Carnage
Pension Check 1878 Capital Carnage
Copter 643 Capital Carnage (Co-Captain) and Smackademics
David Deck'em 777 Capital Carnage and Smackademics
Bellzebub 7182 Capital Carnage and Smackademics
Pins and Needes 222 DisHonour Rollers
Hot Blox 420 Rogue Scholars
Madam Lash (Vice-Captain) 31 Rogue Scholars (Vice-Captain)
Roxy Horror 1006 Rogue Scholars
Hell Yeh 129 Rogue Scholars
Brazen Ivy 1618 Rogue Scholars
Fast & Furiosa 2063 Rogue Scholars and Smackademics
Bobbin Weaver 32 Rogue Scholars
Half Bloody Princess 489 Rogue Scholars
FranSass 5446 Rogue Scholars
Heys 77 Rogue Scholars
Em-Dash 9 Rogue Scholars and Smackademics
CrossWencher 99 Rogue Scholars


The league's referees, also known as "team zebra", is made up of a mixture of full-time referees and drafted skaters who also referee. Mother Superior is the League's current Head Referee.

The League's non-skating officials (NSOs) are our volunteer officials involved in all officiating roles not assigned as on-skates positions. This includes penalty-timing, lineup-tracking and score-keeping. Leo Slayer is the League's current Head NSO.

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