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Logo of Varthamanam newspaper - in Malayalam

Varthamanam is a Malayalam daily published from Kozhikode, Kochi, and Doha by Varthamanam Ventures Pvt Ltd. Malayalam critic and orator Sukumar Azhikode was the founding chief editor of the newspaper. Mujeeburahman Kinaloor is the editor in charge of Varthamanam. Varthamanam as a newspaper uplifting humanity and morality of Muslim reformation movement of Kerala.[original research?] It is quite natural that every reformist activities will have to face challenges.[original research?] This venture has also had its detractors all through its journey from within and outside.[citation needed] However the daily has been keeping its high values in reporting and editorial.[citation needed] Even the media faced financial crisis in some months its management and editorial made no compromises in keeping its values.[citation needed]


It is an association of enlightened group who took up novel idea to start a new journalistic tradition without usual masalas.[clarification needed] The daily was one of the products of a limited company registered under the Indian companies Act 1956 by name Media view Ltd. Though it is in its infancy its expose on godmen in Kerala has created a wave in the country.[clarification needed] It is treading forward into progress.[original research?]

New Challenges[edit]

The advent of Varthamanam sent ripples in the Malayalam Corporate News Industry circle in Kerala.[citation needed] To get through the onslaught, Corporate News Industry resorted to making the readers play games for months together, so the temptation of the new entrant not pose a threat to it.[citation needed] It was a fact that Varthamanam did not keep up its expectations due to its internal bickering.[citation needed]

Now it is in its revival path with austerity measures. Certainly it has a space and goal.[original research?] Asifali Kannur, MD and Associate Editor is confident of steering the newspaper to face the new challenges.[citation needed]

But without fear[edit]

Even Varthamanam face financial crisis it does not make any compromise in news. The daily comes out with 12 pages now. And the Sunday magazine is worth reading.[original research?] Varthamanam Malayalam daily publish special pages in all days. The special pages includes business, agriculture, sports, health etc. Its Qatar edition is owned by some Malayalee businessmen.

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