Varuna River

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The Varuna River is a minor tributary of the Ganges River. It is named after the god Varuna.

City Varanasi
Rises from Bhadohi
Other names Baranaa (local)

The Varuna rises at 25°27′N 82°18′E / 25.450°N 82.300°E / 25.450; 82.300 near Bhadohi, flows east-to-southeast for some 100 km, and joins the Ganges at 25°19′46″N 83°02′40″E / 25.32944°N 83.04444°E / 25.32944; 83.04444 in Varanasi, just downstream of Varanasi. The name Varanasi itself is interpreted to be derived from the name of the river Varuna. The river demarcates the north end of Varanasi - the city that lies between Varuna and Assi Rivers.