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Coordinates: 38°00′04″N 23°45′59″E / 38.00111°N 23.76639°E / 38.00111; 23.76639

Varvakeio High School
Barbakeios Sxoli 1867 003.JPG
The Varvakeio school in 1867

TypePublic Model (Πρότυπο) High School
FounderIoannis Varvakis

The Varvakeio High School (Greek: Πρότυπο Γυμνάσιο & ΓΕ.Λ Βαρβακείου Σχολής) is a public Greek junior high school and high school located in Psychiko. It was founded by Ioannis Varvakis, who donated a big part of his fortune to the state, in order to build a public, fee-less high school. The realization of Varvakis' dream came true after his death as the building was opened in 1860, initially across from the present-day Varvakios Agora (central market).[1] Badly damaged in the civil war, the original Panagis Kalkos-designed building was demolished in 1955 or 1956.[2] The school moved several times before settling on its current location in Psychiko in 1983. Originally all-male, the school became co-ed in 1979.

Notable alumni[edit]

The Varvakeio High School has produced, over the years, notable alumni in varied fields. Some of them include:

Arts and literature[edit]

Economics and politics[edit]



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