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Vas Defrans, a five-piece experimental rock band based in North Hollywood, is known for their appearance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the summer of 2008 [1], as well as their frequent live performances that are both high-energy and display a high level of technical proficiency. The group consists of drummer Kane Ritchotte, guitarists Dash LeFrancis and Cary Singer, vocalist Vincent Coleman, and bassist Max Whipple. Originally LeFrancis performed as the band's vocalist, but in late 2007 he decided to devote his energies to lead guitar and after a short series of auditions, Singer was added in mid-2009, and Coleman in mid-2010. The group is currently[when?] gearing up for their first full-length album. In January 2012, they released their first official self-titled EP, produced, engineered, and mixed by Noah Shain.

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