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Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation
Logo of VVMC
Term limits
5 Years
Founded3 July 2009
Pravin Shetty
Municipal Commissioner
Baliram Pawar
Political groups
BVA (99)
VVSVA (09)
Shiv Sena (05)
BJP (01)
INC (01)
Official Website

VVMC Mayors Marathon

VVMC Swimming Pool

The Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation, (VVCMC) is the civic body that governs areas and villages in Vasai-Virar tehsil in Maharashtra state, western India comprising the most populated part of Palghar district. It is an extended suburb of Mumbai. According to the 2011 census, it is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra with a population of more than 1.3 million. The city is located 50 km north of Mumbai, on the north bank of Vasai Creek, part of the estuary of the Ulhas River. It was formed on 3 July 2009 by combining four municipal councils and 53 gram panchayats.

City Areas & Towns under VVMC[edit]

  • City under VVCMC:[1]
  1. Virar
  2. Nalasopara
  3. Vasai
  4. Navghar-Manickpur
  • Towns under VVMC:[1]
  1. Agashi
  2. Bapne
  3. Bhuigaon (BU)
  4. Bhuigaon (KH)
  5. Bilalpada
  6. Bolinj
  7. Chandansar
  8. Chandeep
  9. Chikhal Dongare
  10. Chinchoti
  11. Chobare
  12. Dahisar
  13. Dhaniv
  14. Deodal
  15. Gass
  16. Gaskopari
  17. Giriz
  18. Gokhiware
  19. Juchandra
  20. Kaman
  21. Kane
  22. Khardi
  23. Khardi
  24. Karmale
  25. Kasrali
  26. Kashid Kopar
  27. Kaular (BU)
  28. Kaular (KH)
  29. Kiravli
  30. Kofrad
  31. Kolhi
  32. Koshimbe
  33. Mandvi
  34. Mardes
  35. Mulgaon
  36. Naigaon
  37. Nale
  38. Navale
  39. Nirmal
  40. Pelhar
  41. Rajwali
  42. Rajodi
  43. Saloli
  44. Sandor
  45. Sasunavghar
  46. Sativali
  47. Shirgaon
  48. Shirshad
  49. Umela
  50. Umrale
  51. Vadavli
  52. Vagholi
  53. Vatar
  54. Waliv


The VVMC is responsible for aiding in prevention of epidemic outbreaks through mass production of medicines, Cemeteries and Crematoria, Fire Stations, Garbage disposal and street cleanliness, House Tax, Lighthouses, Maintenance of parks and open spaces, Markets, shops, and establishments, Municipal water, Public health and hospitals, Registering of births and deaths, Removal of encroachments, Security, Sewage treatment and disposal, Street lighting, Transport and Construction of Roads


VVMC Head Office, Virar
VVMC Office, Mardes Village

The Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation is headed by a municipal commissioner who is an IAS officer. The commissioner wields the executive powers of the house. A quinquennial election is held to elect corporators to power whose duties are to ensure that their constituencies have the basic civic infrastructure in place and that there is no lacuna on the part of the authorities. The mayor (a largely ceremonial post with limited duties) heads the party with the largest vote. All administrative proceedings in the VVMC are conducted in Marathi.

City officials
Mayor Shri. Pravin Shetty
Municipal commissioner Shri. Baliram Pawar

Local Body Tax[edit]

Local body tax (LBT) is a levy that traders have to pay the local municipal corporation for goods imported to the state. It is an account-based tax for every raw material used or imported into the city’s limits by all businesses, traders and manufacturers and replaces traditional tax collections. All shopkeepers who sell goods over a certain value have to pay LBT. It ranges from 0% to 7% and is computed based on a trader’s turnover.

VVMC started collecting LBT from 1 April 2011.

Vasai-Virar is a city and tehsil (subdistrict) in Maharashtra state in western India, comprising the most populated part of Palghar district. It is a suburb of Mumbai. According to the 2011 census, it is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra.[2] It is located in Palghar district, 50 km north of Mumbai. The city is located on the north bank of Vasai Creek, part of the estuary of the Ulhas River. Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVMC) covers the tehsil.

Vasai-Virar is an agglomeration of several, formerly separate, towns. The area covered by the city roughly corresponds to the ancient city of Sopara.


The population of Vasai-Virar was 1,343,402 at the 2011 census, up from 693,350 in 2001, 365,480 in 1991, and 219,868 in 1981, there exists slums and villages as well as urban zones.[1]

Vasai Virar Religion Census[edit]

The population of Vasai Virar City comprises many different religions. Among them, Hinduism is practiced by 943,165 people which makes up to 78.05% of the total population, which is below the national average of 80.5%.[3] The table given below shows the total populations of different religions that are practiced along with their percentage.[4]

Religion Total Male Female Percentage
Hindu 1,048,582 557,942 490,640 78.05 %
Muslim 113,475 60,777 52,698 8.45 %
Christian 110,860 55,183 55,677 8.25 %
Buddhist 34,052 17,484 16,568 2.53 %
Jain 23,474 12,050 11,424 1.75 %
Not Stated 8,068 3,775 4,293 0.60 %
Sikh 2,663 1,404 1,259 0.20 %
Others 2,228 1,156 1,072 0.17 %

City Population Statistics[edit]

The table given below shows the total population of Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation, further segregated into Rural and Urban, as well as, Male and Female numbers in the total population.

Population Rural Urban
Total 1,343,402 113,262 1,230,140
Male 709,771 57,562 652,209
Female 633,631 55,700 577,931


The total children population (below 6 years of age) is given below further divided into Rural, Urban, Male and Female Numbers.

Population Rural Urban
Total 162,841 14,575 148,266
Male 84,938 7,360 77,578
Female 77,903 7,215 70,688

Sex Ratio[edit]

The total sex ratio along with Rural and Urban as well as Children and Adult Numbers is given in the following table:

Total Rural Urban
Children (0-6) 917 980 911
Adult (7+) 893 968 886


The literacy rates of Vasai Virar is shown in the below given table. The table shows the numbers as well as the percentage literacy of Rural and Urban population of Vasai Virar. It also shows literacy numbers and percentage of male and females.

Total Rural Urban
Total Number 1,033,649 75,635 958,014
Total % 87.6% 76.6% 88.6%
Male (Number) 567,948 41,966 525,982
Male (%) 90.0% 83.6% 91.5%
Female (Number) 465,701 33,669 432,032
Female (%) 83.8% 69.4% 85.2%

Working Population[edit]

The table shows the total as well as rural and urban working population of Vasai Virar. It also shows the male and female working populations.

Total Rural Urban
Total Number 493,408 45,371 448,037
Male 379,419 29,858 349,561
Female 113,989 15,513 98,476

Civic administration[edit]

The Vasai-Virar Town is governed by two bodies, the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation and Gram Panchayats of the villages that are excluded from the Municipal Corporation.

Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation[edit]

The Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) was formed on 3 July 2009. It is headed by a Municipal commissioner, an Indian Administrative Service officer who wields the executive power. A quinquennial election is held to elect the governing body, who are responsible for overseeing that their constituencies have the basic civic infrastructure in place, and that there is no lacuna on the part of the authorities. The position of mayor is a largely ceremonial post with limited duties but the office-holder heads the party with the largest vote.

Municipal Corporation Elections[edit]

Municipal Corporation Election 2010[edit]

Political Performance in Election 2010 [5][edit]

S.No. Party Name Party flag or symbol Number of Corporators
01 Indian National Congress (INC) Flag of the Indian National Congress.svg 02
02 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 01
03 Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) No flag.svg 55
04 Shiv Sena (SS) Indian Election Symbol Bow And Arrow.png 03
05 Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Flag of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.svg 01
06 Other Registered Parties No flag.svg 19
07 Independents No flag.svg 08

Municipal Corporation Election 2015[edit]

Political performance in Election 2015[edit]

S.No. Party Name Party flag or symbol Number of Corporators
01 Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) No flag.svg 106 Increase 51
02 Shiv Sena Indian Election Symbol Bow And Arrow.png 05 Increase 2
03 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 01 Steady 0
04 Indian National Congress (INC) Flag of the Indian National Congress.svg 01 Decrease 1
05 Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Flag of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.svg 00 Decrease 1
06 Other Registered Parties No flag.svg 00 Decrease 19
07 Independents No flag.svg 02 Decrease 06
08 Republican Party Of India No flag.svg 00



Mumbai Suburban Local Train
Western Railway Line passing through Vasai Virar

Vasai-Virar Town is Connected by Western & Central Railway. The Major Railway Stations on Western & Central Railway in Vasai-Virar Town are


Marcopolo Bus
Mini Bus

Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation started its own transport service on 3 October 2012 in association with Bhagirathi Transport Corporation Pvt Ltd, known as VVMT. It operates a large number of bus lines in the Vasai-Virar Town. VVMT also plies its buses in Vasai-Virar villages. It also has operation outside Town limits into neighbouring Town of Mira-Bhayander, Thane City & Mumbai City. VVMT bus ply from Vasai to Thane & Vasai to Mulund.[6]

Other Towns & Cities where VVMT Buses connects
Mira-Bhayander Town
Thane City
Mumbai City
Information of VVMT Bus Routes & Bus Depot
No of Bus Routes 32
No of Depots 1 (Agarwal Nagar, Vasai East)

2 (Navghar, Vasai East)

The VVMT uses diesel powered buses for its operation. The majority of the VVMT display boards will only have the destination name written in Marathi. All buses with electronic display board are introduced in the fleet, which have destination with the route number flashing in Marathi as well as English on front of the buses.[6]

The VVMT bus routes are spread town-wide and also to neighboring towns and cities. The VVMT operates inter-city services to three different areas beyond the municipal limits of Vasai-Virar Town, i.e. into the limits of the Municipal Corporations of Mira-Bhayander, Thane and Mumbai.[6]

Vasai-Virar Town
The local bus services of the city, which are operated by VVMC. The internal places of Vasai-Virar Town which are far from the Virar, Nalasopara, Vasai Road Railway Stations are connected by VVMT. The major concentration has always been Vasai-Virar Town and with vast growing population in the Town.

Vasai-Virar Villages
It is not official, but some faraway Villages from the Virar, Nalasopara and Vasai are connected by VVMT buses. VVMT services are not so frequent in Villages as in the Town.

Mira-Bhayander Town
Bhayander and Mira Road are connected to Vasai by VVMT. Services start from Virar, Nalasopara and Vasai Road Railway Stations towards Bhanyander and Mira Road. The inter city connection between the Vasai-Virar Town (which on the western railway side) and Thane / Central Mumbai City (which is on the central railway side) via Mira - Bhayander Town.

Thane City
Thane City is connected to Vasai by the VVMT. From Vasai it starts its services towards Thane. The inter city connection is between Vasai-Virar Town (which is on the western railway side) and Thane City / Central Mumbai City (via Thane City) (which is on the central railway side).

Mumbai City
Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) is the largest public transport provider in the Mumbai city & suburbs. VVMT connects the last station in Mumbai's suburb Mulund to the Vasai-Virar. The inter-city connection is between Vasai-Virar Town on the western railway side and Central Mumbai City on the central railway side.


Vasai-Virar Mayor's Marathon[edit]

Sachin at Vasai-Virar Mayor's Marathon in 2014
Ritesh Deshmukh at Vasai-Virar Mayor's Marathon

Vasai-Virar Mayor's Marathon is marathon race organised in Vasai-Virar area of Mumbai. Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation hosts the Vasai-Virar Mayor's Marathon every year. Every Year Participants from all over Vasai Taluka & from the country take part in the Marathon.[7][8][9]

The Vasai-Virar Mayor's Marathon event is conceptualized by Aryanz Sports PR and Events for the Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation. Its inaugural edition was in 2011 as a state level event. It got National level status in 2012.[7]

The event is a National Level running event, recognized by AFI, which has a Full Marathon for men and women in different age groups. There is also a Half Marathon for Men & Women in different age groups and 11 km open run for amateurs as well as boys under 18 and Category races for Boys & Girls under-18, between 14-16, 12 to 14 and 10-12.

The event also offers separate prize money to participants from the Vasai Virar Taluka region in the Full Marathon and Half Marathon and 11 km Run timed races .

The event sees participation in excess of 15,000 across various categories and offers prize money in excess of Rs 30 lakhs.[7]

The event has seen participation from all the top long distance athletes of the country, among them names like G Lakshmanan, Lyngkhoi Bining, Elam, Singh, Deep Chand, Sanvroo Yadav, Shoji Mathew, Kavita Raut, Sudha Singh, Monika Athare and a host of others big names.

Actor, Model and Running enthusiast Milind Soman has been the 'Face of the Event' since its inception, helping popularise the event, while athletic and sporting greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Anju Bobby George P T Usha, Shiny Wilson, wrestlers Sushil Kumar & Yogeshwar Dutt have graced the occasion as Event Ambassadors.

There has also been the presence of Bollywood personalities like Mahima Choudhary, Riteish Deshmukh and a host of Marathi film and TV personalities.[7]

Swimming Pool[edit]

VVMC has built an Olympic-size swimming pool in Vasai & Virar.


Vasai-Virar has a tropical wet and dry climate. This climate is considered to be Aw according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification.[10] This moderate climate consists of high rainfall days and very few days of extreme temperatures. The driest month is January. There is 0 mm of precipitation in January. With an average of 870 mm, the most precipitation falls in July. With an average of 29.8 °C, May is the warmest month.[10] January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 23.1 °C. The precipitation varies 870 mm between the driest month and the wettest month. During the year, the average temperatures vary by 6.7 °C.[10]

Climate data for Vasai-Virar
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 28.5
Daily mean °C (°F) 23.2
Average low °C (°F) 17.9
Average precipitation mm (inches) 0
Source: (altitude: 5m)[11]


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