Vascular tissue neoplasm

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Vascular tissue neoplasm
Kaposis Sarcoma Lesions.jpg
Kaposi's sarcoma

A vascular tissue neoplasm is a tumor arising from endothelial cells,[1] the cells that line the wall of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, as well as the heart.[2] Vascular tissue neoplasms is a group containing tumors with the same tissue origin; in other words, it denotes histological classification, rather than anatomic (i.e. where in the body the neoplasm is found) or clinical one. They can occur everywhere in the body where vessels are to be found.


Vascular tissue neoplasms, like neoplasms of all tissues, are classified to benign and malignant ones, according to their biological behavior.[1]

Benign vascular tumors[edit]

Malignant vascular tumors[edit]

Most malignant vascular tumors are considered sarcomas,[3] a major histological group of tumors, arising from transformed cells of mesenchymal origin.


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