Vaseux Lake

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Vaseux Lake
Location British Columbia
Coordinates 49°17′30″N 119°32′00″W / 49.29167°N 119.53333°W / 49.29167; -119.53333Coordinates: 49°17′30″N 119°32′00″W / 49.29167°N 119.53333°W / 49.29167; -119.53333
Primary inflows Okanagan River
Primary outflows Okanagan River
Catchment area Okanagan Basin
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 3.8 kilometres (2.4 mi)
Max. width 0.8 kilometres (0.50 mi)
Max. depth 27 m (81 ft)
Surface elevation 357 m (1070 ft)

Vaseux Lake is a freshwater lake located along the course of the Okanagan River in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The town of Okanagan Falls is to the north, and the town of Oliver is to the south. The lake stage is controlled by McIntyre Dam. Vaseux Creek (and the associated alluvial fan) are to the south, near McIntyre Bluff; however, it does not flow into Vaseux Lake.

British Columbia Highway 97 runs alongside the east shore of the lake and has a sharp hairpin turn which has been the scene of many accidents and deaths.

The name "vaseux" is French, meaning muddy or murky, which is descriptive of the lake's silty water. The lake was likely named by French Canadian fur traders.

Vaseux Lake, 1909

The lake was misspelled as "Vasuix Lake" on Joseph Trutch's maps from 1866 and 1871. For many years the name was later spelled "Vaseaux Lake"; in 1945 the Geographic Board of BC corrected the official name to its present form.[1]


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