Vashishti River

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Vaishishti River in Chiplun

River Vashishti is one of the larger rivers in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, India. The town of Chiplun lies on its banks. The river begins in the Western Ghats and snakes its way westwards towards the Arabian Sea. Kolkewadi Dam, near Alore has a vast reservoir which feeds a tributary of the river. During the 2005 Maharashtra floods, the river swelled its banks, causing many of the city's residents to evacuate it.

The river has many riverine islands. Crocodiles are known to inhabit the waters.[1]

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View of Vashishti River from Konkan Railway near Chiplun


Coordinates: 17°35′N 73°10′E / 17.583°N 73.167°E / 17.583; 73.167