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Vasil is a masculine Bulgarian given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Vasil Adzhalarski, Bulgarian revolutionary, an IMARO leader of revolutionary bands
  • Vasil Amashukeli (1886–1977), early Georgian film director & cinematographer in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Vasil Angelov (1882–1953), Bulgarian military officer and a revolutionary, a worker of IMARO
  • Vasil Aprilov (1789–1847), Bulgarian educator
  • Vasil Barnovi (1856–1934), Georgian writer popular for his historical novels
  • Vasil Biľak (born 1917), former Slovak Communist leader of Rusyn origin
  • Vasil Binev (born 1957), Bulgarian actor
  • Vasil Boev (born 1988), Bulgarian footballer
  • Vasil Bollano, the ethnic Greek mayor of Himara municipality, in southwest Albania
  • Vasil Bozhikov (born 1988), Bulgarian football defender
  • Vasil Buraliev, Macedonian modern composer and producer of electronic music working as IT Director at Re-aktiv DOO
  • Vasil Bykaŭ (1924–2003), prolific Belarusian author of novels and novellas about World War II
  • Vasil Chekalarov (1874–1913), Bulgarian revolutionary and one of the leaders of IMARO in Aegean Macedonia
  • Vasil Chilingrov (born 1951), Bulgarian sprint canoeist who competed in the early to mid-1970s
  • Vasil Dragolov (born 1962), former Bulgarian footballer
  • Vasil Gendov (1891–1970), Bulgarian actor, film director and screenwriter
  • Vasil Gigiadze (born 1977), Georgian footballer
  • Vasil Glavinov (1872–1929), Bulgarian socialist from Ottoman Macedonia, a member of the Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party
  • Vasil Gruev (born 1926), Bulgarian cross country skier who competed in the 1950s
  • Vasil Gyuzelev, Bulgarian historian who studies Bulgaria during the Middle Ages
  • Vasil Iliev, Bulgarian mobster, businessman and wrestler
  • Vasil Iljoski (1902–1995), Macedonian writer, dramatist, professor
  • Vasil Kaloyanov (born 1988), Bulgarian footballer
  • Vasil Kamburov (born 1975), Bulgarian footballer
  • Vasil Kanchov (1862–1904), Bulgarian geographer, ethnographer and politician
  • Vasil Khamutowski (born 1978), Belarusian football goalkeeper
  • Vasil Kirov (born 1975), Bulgarian footballer
  • Vasil Kiryienka (born 1981), Belarusian racing cyclist for UCI ProTeam Team Sky
  • Vasil Kochev (born 1988), Bulgarian professional footballer
  • Vasil Kolarov (1877–1950), Bulgarian communist political leader and leading functionary in the Communist International
  • Vasil Kutinchev (born 1859), Bulgarian officer
  • Vasil Laçi (1922–1941), Albanian patriot and monarchist; attempted to kill the King of Italy and Prime Minister of Albania
  • Vasil Levski, the nickname of Vasil Ivanov Kunchev (1837–1873), Bulgarian revolutionary renowned as the national hero of Bulgaria
  • Vasil Mzhavanadze (1902–1988), the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Georgian SSR from 1953 to 1972
  • Vasil Naydenov, Bulgarian singer-songwriter, popular in Bulgaria and the Eastern bloc during the late 1970s and 1980s
  • Vasil Panayotov (born 1990), Bulgarian football player
  • Vasil Radoslavov (1854–1929), leading Bulgarian liberal politician who twice served as Prime Minister
  • Vasil Ringov (born 1955), retired Macedonian football player
  • Vasil Ruci, retired Albanian football striker
  • Vasil Shanto (1913–1944), Albanian communist leader and a hero of World War II
  • Vasil Shkurti (born 1992), Albanian footballer
  • Vasil Sikharulidze (born 1968), Georgian diplomat and politician
  • Vasil Slavov (born 1958), Bulgarian author and poet
  • Vasil Spasov (born 1971), Bulgarian chess grandmaster
  • Vasil Tole (born 1963), Albanian composer of European classical music
  • Vasil Tsereteli (1862–1937), distinguished Georgian physician, journalist and public benefactor
  • Vasil Tupurkovski, Macedonian academic, politician and the current president of the Macedonian Olympic Committee
  • Vasil Varlamos (born 1942), former Australian rules footballer who played for Carlton in the Victorian Football League (VFL) during the early 1960s
  • Vasil Vasilev (goalkeeper) (born 1976), Bulgarian footballer
  • Vasil Vasilev (Plovdiv footballer) (born 1984), Bulgarian football defender
  • Vasil Velev (born 1984), Bulgarian football player
  • Vasil Yakusha (born 1956), Belarusian former rower who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1980 Summer Olympics and in the 1988 Summer Olympics
  • Vasil Zacharka (1877–1943), Belarusian statesman and the second president of the Belarusian People's Republic in exile
  • Vasil Zlatarski, Bulgarian historian-medievalist, archaeologist, and epigraphist

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