Vasil Aprilov

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Vasil Aprilov
Bulgarian educator
Born (1789-07-21)21 July 1789
Gabrovo, Ottoman Empire (now Bulgaria)
Died 2 October 1847(1847-10-02) (aged 58)
Galaţi, Moldavia (present-day Romania)

Vasil Evstatiev Aprilov (Bulgarian: Васил Евстатиев Априлов) (21 July 1789 – 2 October 1847) was a Bulgarian educator. He studied in Moscow, graduated from a high school in Braşov and then pursued a medical degree in Vienna. After 1811 he was a merchant in Odessa. He initially participated in the Greek revolutionary movement, but later devoted himself to the Bulgarian Renaissance. He gathered Bulgarian folk songs. In his will he left a large amount of money for building the Aprilovska High School in Gabrovo. This was to be the first Bulgarian secular school using the Bell-Lancaster method.[1] The emergence of this school gave a boost to Bulgarian education and soon other schools were opened all over the Bulgarian-populated regions of the Ottoman empire.

Aprilov Point on Greenwich Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named for Vasil Aprilov.


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