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Vasil Buraliev (Macedonian: Васил Буралиев) is a Macedonian composer and producer of electronic music. As a composer he is known as "Phantom" (Фантом) or "The Man Who Cannot Die." He is also a member of the group Brainless Genius.

Selected Work[edit]

A remixed version of his track "Sunrise" was included in the compilation mACIDonia: Class of 999,[1] published by PMG recordings.

He produced "8" (Осумка), an album of electronic music by eight young Macedonian artists, published by Third Ear Music.[2]

He composed some of the songs on the "Kobna ubavina" (Кобна убавина),[3] a 2004 album by Macedonian band Mizar.

He composed the music Filip Stojanovski's game "Longbow."[4][5]

He has also been a regular contributor to Plugin/PC World Macedonia magazine, writing articles on audio software.


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