Vasil Iljoski

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Vasil Iljoski
Native name Васил Иљоски
Born Vasil Iljoski
(1902-12-20)December 20, 1902
Kruševo, Manastir Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (today Republic of Macedonia)
Died November 1, 1995(1995-11-01)
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Occupation writer, professor
Language Macedonian
Nationality Macedonian
Citizenship Macedonian and Yugoslav
Genre drama
Notable works "Begalka" and "Čorbadži Teodos"
Vasil Iljoski on the Bridge of Arts(1)
Vasil Iljoski on the Bridge of Arts (2)

Vasil Iljoski (Macedonian: Васил Иљоски, Kruševo, Ottoman Empire, 20 December 1902 - Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 1 November 1995) was a Macedonian writer, dramatist, professor and an important figure in the Macedonian literature, especially in Macedonian drama between the two World Wars. He was born in Kruševo in 1902.[1] His play Begalka, or known as "Lenče Kumanovče", performed in 1928 in the Skopje theatre is considered one of the first plays written in the Macedonian language. Other significant plays written by Iljoski are: "Učenička avantura" (Student's Adventure, 1939), Čest (Honor), "Kuzman Kapidan" (1954), "Mladi Sinovi" (Young Sons) and others. Vasil Iljoski is one of the founders of the Association of the Writers of Macedonia and member at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 1967.


Vasil Iljoski was born in Kruševo in 1902. He has finished his elementary education in the town of Kumanovo, where he moved in his early childhood. During that period, he has helped his father in their family business, but he did not accept it as his future profession. Iljoski finished the secondary school in Kumanovo and enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. At the beginning of his career, he worked in the City Gymnasium in Kumanovo. He finished his working career as a regular professor at the Pedagogical Faculty in Skopje.[1]


Vasil Iljoski is author of many dramas, comedies and essays, including the most popular:

  • "Begalka" - "Бегалка", published in 1926 [2] and it is known as "Lenče Kumanovče"
  • "Čorbadži Teodos" - "Чорбаџи Теодос", published in 1937[3]
  • "Student's adventure", "Ученичка авантура", published in 1939.
  • "Office for unemployed", "Биро за безработни"
  • "Write, Panče" - "Пиши, Панче", published in 1947.
  • "Two against one" - "Два спрема еден", published in 1952.
  • "Honor" - "Чест" published in 1953[4]
  • "Kuzman Kapidan" - "Кузман Капидан", published in 1954.
  • "Father and Son" - "Син и татко", published in 1955.
  • "Bloody Stone" - "Окрвавен камен", published in 1968.
  • "Wedding" - "Свадба", published in 1976.
  • "Death for life" - "Смрт за живот", published in 1988.
  • "Young Sons" - "Млади синови"


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