Vasile Conta

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Romanian stamp, Vasile Conta, 1965
Conta's grave in Iaşi.

Vasile Conta (Romanian pronunciation: [vaˈsile ˈkonta]; Armenian: Վասիլե Գրիգորեիի Կոնտա (Գոնտա); November 15, 1845 – April 21, 1882) was a Romanian philosopher, poet, and politician.

He was born in Ghindăoani, a village in Bălțătești commune, Neamţ County.

He died in Bucharest.


He was the true founder of the Romanian ideological antisemitism.[1] :14 His criteria were no longer those of a socioeconomic nature; they were derived from the "nationalities principle," nationalities as units of race and religion, forming the basis of existence of a state and a homogenous nation.[2]:642


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