Vasile Lucaciu

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Vasile Lucaciu
Vasile Lucaciu BM.JPG
Bust in Baia Mare
Born (1852-01-21)21 January 1852
Apa, Szatmár, Austria-Hungary
Died 29 November 1922(1922-11-29) (aged 70)
Satu Mare, Transylvania, Romania
Residence Austria, Austria-Hungary, Romania
Citizenship Austria-Hungary, Romania
Fields Politics, Theology
Known for journalistic activity
Influenced political thought in Austria-Hungary and Romania
Vasile Lucaciu (fifth from the left, bottom row) with the other co-signers of the Transylvanian Memorandum

Vasile Lucaciu (January 21, 1852, Apa, Szatmár – November 29, 1922, Satu Mare) was a Romanian Greek-Catholic priest and an advocate of equal rights with the Hungarians in Transylvania.

He was a member of the National Romanian Party and a co-author of the Transylvanian Memorandum (1892). As a consequence, Vasile Lucaciu was tried for "homeland betrayal" in Kolozsvár/Cluj in May 1894 and sentenced to five years in prison. However he was released after one year.

In 1905 he was elected deputy for the Belényes/Beiuş constituency in the Hungarian Parliament.

In March 1917, Vasile Lucaciu was a member of a group of exiled Romanian Habsburg subjects who were sent as a delegation to the United States to campaign for Romania's cause.


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