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Vasile Marin

Vasile Marin (January 29, 1904 in Bucharest – January 13, 1937 in Majadahonda) was a Romanian politician, public servant and lawyer. A member of the National Peasants' Party until 1932, Vasile Marin become a prominent member of the Iron Guard. His death in the Spanish Civil War after volunteering to fight for the Nationalists along with the subsequent death of Ion Moța is credited with contributing to the growth of the Iron Guard.


His law thesis, finished in 1932 at the University of Bucharest was entitled: "The Fascism".

Marin Vasile married, after asking for approval from Codreanu, Ana Maria Ropala in February 1933, the daughter of a Romanian army officer and a Jewish woman who converted to Christianity. His wife was a medical doctor (Keene, pgs. 226-227).

In December 1936 Marin, along with Ion Moța, led a small force of Legionnaires into Spain during the Spanish Civil War to present a ceremonial sword to the survivors of the Siege of the Alcázar and announce the alliance of the Iron Guard with Nationalist Spain; they also decided to enlist. Moţa and Marin died on January 13, 1937 during the first day of fighting at Majadahonda on the Madrid front. Their funerals in Bucharest (February 13 1937) were an immense and orderly procession (see Funerals of Ion Moţa and Vasile Marin) attended by the ministers of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Francisco Franco's Spain, representatives of Portugal, the Empire of Japan, and delegates of the Polish Patriotic Youth.

A memorial monument was erected at Majadahonda, on September 13, 1970, with the support of Franco's government.


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