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The bust of Horea in Romania.

Vasile Ursu Nicola, known as Horea, (1731 in Arada, near Câmpeni, present-day Romania – 1785) was a Transylvanian Romanian leader of the Revolt of Horea, Cloşca and Crişan in 1784-85.[1] After the revolt was defeated, he was executed by being broken on the wheel.


  1. ^ Lucy Mallows Transylvania 1841624195 2012 - Page 23 "The leaders were Horea (born Vasile Ursu Nicola in 1731), Cloşca (born Ion Oargă in 1747) and Crişan (born Marcu Giurgiu in 1733). Their main demands were related to the feudal serfdom and the lack of political equality ..

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