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Vasileios Christopoulos (Greek: Βασίλειος Χριστόπουλος, b. 1951 in Patras, Greece) is a Greek writer.

He studied in Athens at the National Technical University of Athens and at the University of Glasgow as a civil engineer. He currently lives and works in Patras since 1976.

He wrote novels, members for the traditional architecture and essays of his works.


Year Title Greek title English title Publisher ISBN
1987 Techni: mia dynatotita Τέχνη: μια δυνατότητα Work: One Power Achaikes ekdoseis ISBN 9780007164028
1998 Katoikos Patron Κάτοικος Πατρών Resident of Patras Kedros ISBN 960-04-1458-0
1999 Orestis, o Patrinos Karagiozopaichtis Anestis Vakaloglou Ορέστης, ο Πατρινός Καραγκιοζοπαίχτης Ανέστης Βακάλογλου Orestis, the Karagioz performer Anestis Vakaloglou Achaikes ekdoseis ISBN 9789607960269
2002 Sto fos tis asetylinis Στο φως της ασετυλίνης In The Light Of Acetyline Kedros ISBN 960-04-2099-8
2005 Ki esy Ellinas, re; Κι εσύ Έλληνας, ρε; Are you a Greek, too, you? Kedros ISBN 960-04-2847-6
2008 Anazitontas to Theo Αναζητώντας το Θεό Looking for God Kedros ISBN 978-960-04-3837-6
2012 De tha isichasoume pote Δεν θα ησυχάσουμε ποτέ We will never be calm Kedros ISBN 978-960-04-4273-1


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