Vasili Osipanov

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Vasili Osipanov
Born February 21/March 5, 1861
Tomsk, Russian Empire
Died May 8/May 20, 1887
Schlisselburg Fortress, Russia

Vasili Stepanovich Osipanov (Осипанов, Василий Степанович in Russian) (2.21(3.5).1861, Tomsk — 5.8(20).1887), Russian revolutionary, member of Narodnaya Volya.

In 1881—1886, Osipanov was a student at the University of Kazan, where he joined the revolutionary movement. He would later transfer to St.Petersburg University. In 1886, Osipanov joined the "Terrorist Faction" of Narodnaya Volya and, together with Aleksandr Ulyanov and others, took part in preparing the assassination of Alexander III. He was placed in charge of the bombthrowers.

Osipanov was arrested on March 1, 1887 and later executed in the Schlisselburg Fortress.[1]


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