Vasiliki Millousi

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Vasiliki Millousi
Vasiliki Millousi.jpg
Personal information
Country represented  Greece
Born (1984-05-04) 4 May 1984 (age 32)
Athens, Greece
Hometown Athens
Height 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Discipline Women's artistic gymnastics
Level Senior international elite
Head coach(es) Kostas Hagizizis
Former coach(es) Sioutis Konstadinos
Choreographer Donti Anastasia
Music 2012: "Spasmeno Karavi (Broken Ship)"

Vasiliki Millousi (Greek: Βασιλική Μηλλούση; born 4 May 1984 in Athens) is a Greek artistic gymnast. She is a ten-time World Cup Series medalist on beam and has represented Greece at the 2000 , 2012 Olympics and 2016 Olympics. She occasionally competes in the all-around but specializes in the balance beam.[1] More recently, she was a beam finalist at the 2011 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships.[2] She also won the beam final at the 2012 Artistics Gymnastics Olympic Test Event which qualified her for the Olympics 2012 in London.

London Olympic Games: Millousi competed all-around in qualifications scoring a 12.800 on vault, 13.425 on the uneven bars, 14.366 on balance beam and a 12.933 on floor exercise for a 53.524 all-around score. She failed to qualify for any finals, however, her very respectible 14.366 on beam placed her 18th on the event and due to to the two per country rule made her the 4th reserve for the beam final.

In 2013, Vasiliki competed at the Cottbus World Cup and won the silver medal on beam (her fourth beam medal in four consecutive Cottbus World Cups). She also competed at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin, winning a bronze medal in the team competition and a silver medal on beam giving her a total of four Mediterranean Games medals. Millousi also competed at the European Championships in Moscow where she chose to specialize on beam. She did not make the finals however, after a fall on beam meant she scored only 12.666. Millousi then went on to compete at the 2013 Antwerp World Championships. In qualifications, Millousi performed very well on all four events and placed 26th all-around (which due to the two per country rule made her the 1st reserve for the all-around final). In addition, she performed a beautiful beam routine with minimal wobbles but struggled with her double pike dismount landing with her chest low and taking a big step forward for a 13.833 leaving her just over three tenths out of range of the beam final. Millousi ended up making the all-around final due to a gymnast withdrawing because of an injury. In the competition, Millousi performed well on vault and floor however, a mistake on beam and multiple errors on bars caused her to finish in 24th place with an all-around score of 49.532 (almost three points lower than her qualification score of 53.033).

In 2014, Millousi began her season by once again competing at the Cottbus World Cup. She failed to make any of the event finals after errors on bars and beam in qualifications thus breaking her medal streak at that World Cup. Next, Millousi went to help out the Union Haguenau team at the French Championships Team Final by competing on bars, beam and floor. She made mistakes on all three events and therefore her team failed to medal. After two unsuccessful competitions, Millousi competed at the Korea Cup where she rearranged her beam routine and (most notably) downgraded her risky double pike dismount to a double tuck. She won the gold medal on beam with a routine that included a layout step-out mount, a switch split leap to split ring leap and a stuck double tuck dismount for a 14.325. At the 2014 Nanning World Championships, Millousi rearranged her beam routine again adding in connections like aerial cartwheel to switch split leap to back tuck and switch ring leap to split ring leap, which she debuted in podium training. In qualifications, Millousi had an incredible performance scoring a 53.933 all-around - just missing out on the all-around final by 0.309 - and becoming 1st reserve for the all-around final. Her beam was particularly impressive as she scored a 14.100 and was the 3rd reserve for the beam final.

Millousi began the 2015 season by once again competing at the Cottbus World Cup. She did not make the beam final after only scoring a 12.466 in qualifications after an error. At the European Championships in Montpellier, Millousi made an error on the uneven bars and did not qualify to the final. On beam, Millousi hit a decent routine with a 0.1 penalty for a 14.166, qualifying her to the beam final in 8th place. In the final, she was in position for her first European Championships medal right until the end of her routine, where she fell on her double pike dismount, scoring a 13.266 and finishing in 5th place. After her disappointing European Championships, Millousi competed at the Baku European Games where she qualified to the all-around final. After making errors on bars, beam and floor Millousi ended up with only a 49.599 all-around score. Next Millousi competed at the Hungarian Grand Prix, winning the gold medal on beam and the bronze medal on floor. Millousi ended her season with a disappointing performance at the World Championships in Glasgow performing on three events. She hit bars for a 13.066, a wobbly beam set with a low-landed double pike for a 13.766 and an error filled floor routine for an 11.633.

In 2016, Millousi first competed at the Doha World Challenge Cup where she qualified to both the beam and bar finals. Millousi was 5th in the bar final and was on track to win another World Cup medal on beam until she crashed her double pike dismount to finish in sixth place. In order to qualify for the Olympic Games, Millousi went to compete at the Olympic Test Event in Rio. In the all-around, Millousi performed very well scoring a 54.431 (her best score of the quadrenium) putting her in 13th place. Because of this, Millousi qualified to the Olympic Games in Rio. Millousi then went on to compete at the Greek Championships winning the beam and floor titles with a 14.500 and a 13.650 respectively. At the Bern European Championships, Millousi submitted a new skill to the judges. A switch split leap in a stag ring position (it was given a prospective D rating). In the qualification round, Millousi performed a good beam routine up until the dismount, where she once again fell on her double pike causing her to miss out on the beam final.

She competed on the balance beam at the 2016 Summer Olympics where she wisely decided to change her double pike dismount to a gainer layout dismount. She finished in 57th place in qualifying after falling on her aerial cartwheel and did not advance to the finals.[3]

World Cup Series[edit]

Stage Year Event Result
Cottbus 2010 Balance Beam Gold
Maribor 2011 Balance Beam Gold
Cottbus 2012 Balance Beam Gold
Osijek 2012 Balance Beam Silver
Cottbus 2013 Balance Beam Silver
Doha 2009 Balance Beam Bronze
Stuttgart 2011 Balance Beam Bronze
Cottbus 2011 Balance Beam Bronze
Ghent 2012 Balance Beam Bronze
Baku 2017 Balance Beam Silver


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