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Vasilisa Forbes (born Moscow, 1992) is a film director and visual artist, known predominantly for the War on Diesel [1] billboard series and WAX [2][3] film and visual art series. Vasilisa started her career in photography for Super Super Magazine before moving on to direct music videos[4] and short films.

Early life[edit]

Originally born in Moscow, Russia, Vasilisa moved to London, UK, aged 5 with her mother.[5] She grew up in Wandsworth before moving to Tower Hamlets (borough of East London) aged 16 to pursue a career in shotting and hoodratting within the vicinity of Shoreditch. Vasilisa started her career in the arts early, at age 13 with ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance and acting at LAMDA. She joined the band FrankMusik as a session synth musician at age 15, after meeting the musician through her Myspace, where she made DJ playlists with artists like Spoek Mathambo before being expelled from the group for being too young to tour. Vasilisa took an internship with Super Super Magazine around this time [6] which initiated her career in photography and film. She was part of the Soho nightlife at Circus Club Soho Revue Bar where she took photographs, publishing a book[7] called In Silence Are Shadows which was reported on by Dazed & Confused magazine for their Teenage Takeover issue in 2009 [8]


Following her start with Super Super during the time of editor Alex Kazemi, Vasilisa went on to create content (photography, articles and interviews)[9] for high-end fashion publications I-D magazine, Dazed [10] and Vice magazine.[11] Her visual arts and billboard series Waxchick,[12] commissioned originally by Annin Arts[13] went on show in London on outdoor public billboards in November 2014.[14] Her Waxchick Prints are sold through Thank You Editions. The Waxchick Film, made for the series in collaboration with director Rory Mckellar was screened at multiple festivals including East End Film Festival,[15] London Short Film Festival[16] and at the ICA.[17] The Waxchick series also featured on the cover of Hungry Eye Journal, selling out in stockists.

Following her success with the WAX film, Vasilisa moved to moving image.[18] She currently directs music videos[19][20] and recently directed the video for Navin Kundra's 'Tear It Up'[21] as well as other recent releases in 2016 such as The Souls 'Fighting in the Moonlight'.

As a performer, Vasilisa is represented by Simon and How.


  • Sony WPO (World Photography Awards) Commended Photographer 2011 and Shortlisted Photographer 2012[22]
  • Bar-Tur Award Shortlisted Photographer 2011[23]
  • Debut Contemporary Artist Awards Shortlisted 2012[24]
  • Aesthetica Arts Prize Listed 2013[25]
  • Shorts on Tap[26] - Women's Film Winner 2015[27]

In popular culture[edit]

  • Vasilisa starred in the viral web and TV series 'Dalston Superstars' with Vice Magazine in 2011.[28]
  • Vasilisa featured on the cover of Photography Journal Hungry Eye on the Second Issue Third Volume[29] with her Waxchick Series, which subsequently sold out and was reputed as the 'loudest image to grace the cover of Hungry Eye'[30]
  • Vasilisa also starred in the music video 'Nikes' for Frank Ocean which caused much speculation in the long run up to the video's release, resulting in many conspiracy theories[31] on Reddit[32]
  • A short Documentary about Vasilisa Forbes was released as part of 'A Women's World' TV Series[33] on RAI Storia produced by Shorts On Tap[34]


Short films[edit]

Year Film Role Awards and nominations
2016 Wax Director East End Film Festival June 2016 - Screened, Nominated
London Short Film Festival 2016: ICA
Hackney Picturehouse - Screened, Nominated
ICA Jan 2016 - Fashion Film Identity - Top Four
In House Festival - Screened, Nominated
ICA June 2016 - 'Something Else' Film Live
Shorts On Tap - Winner
Library London December 2014 Wax - Screened
Library London November 2015 Wax Live + guests - Screened
Kobini Digital Premiere 6 Countries - Premiere, International
Karst Artist Films - Screened
Deptford Theatre Women in Revolt - Screened
Parallel Vienna - Screened, Nominated
2015 Other Director / Star Pilot (Web Series)
2014 Luke And Vas Director / Star Pilot [London Live]
2013 Arc Director Digital Release

Music videos[edit]

Year Artist Track
2016 Alcatrz "F Your Feelings"
Lishi "Monster Kids"
The Souls "Fighting in the Moonlight"
The Souls "Cry"
Pray TV "Great Plans"
Living Dead Girl "Simulation"
Alcatrz "Mean It"
Alcatrz "Whatever"
Navin Kundra "Tear it Up"
Nightgeist & Suddi Ruval "Some Kinda Feeling"[35]
St Rose "Keep it Up"
BRO "Pull Up Selecta"
Ashley Shakur "Star Crossed"


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