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Stamped envelope issued to commemorate 110th birth anniversary of Vasily Grabin. Russian Post, 2010.

Vasiliy Gavrilovich Grabin (9 January 1900 - 18 April 1980, Russian: Василий Гаврилович Грабин) was a Soviet artillery designer. He led a design bureau (TsAKB) at Joseph Stalin Factory No. 92 in Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod).

Grabin was chief designer of ZiS-3, the 76.2-mm divisional field gun, which was the most numerous cannon of World War II (over 103000 cannons were built).

Grabin was the first who used ergonomics in cannon construction (before the word ergonomics appears). In the 1930-s he used physiologist consultation to optimize the design of cannons.

Further reading[edit]

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